Project Vanadzor


21 students
Ages 6-17
Total annual tuition: $1,940
14 instruments bought: $1520
Total budget: $3,460

Vanadzor is the third largest city in Armenia. Once a center of industry and technology, the city has struggled economically in recent years. Despite the economic hardships, Vanadzor proudly maintains several cultural institutions where children study music, art, and dance.

Musical Armenia has partnered with Orran Center – a non-governmental organization helping socially vulnerable children – to give full scholarships and instruments to children whose families could not otherwise afford it.

Our goal is long-term, meaningful investment in the future generation. Children receive comprehensive and ongoing music education, which can lasts 7-8 years. Monthly tuition per child includes 8 private or group lessons, in addition to music theory classes.

Sustaining donors are paired with a child and may continue sponsoring the child for the duration of their study. Sustaining donors will receive information and periodic updates from the child.

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